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      Dried scallop post meat[]

      Flavouring dried scallop meat[1]

      Dried scallop post meat[1]

      Flavouring dried scallop meat

      frozen cook scallop - post meat

      Flavouring dried clam meat

      Dried squid

      Flavouring dried sand borers

      Bluefin leatherhacket

      Flavouring dried yellow croaker

      Flavouring dried flounders

      Flavouring dried needle fish

      Dried cynoglossus robustus

      dried blue cod fish

      dried yellow croaker

      dried small silvery fish

       Fresh dried small silvery fish
       Cooked dried small silvery fish

      dried clove fish

      Small Silver Baby

      Fresh dried small gril fish

      Flavouring dried squilla oratoria

       Flavouring dried squilla oratoria meat
       Flavouring dried squilla oratoria leg

      Dried red shrimp

      Dried AOSA

      sea cucumber

    WEIHAI XINJIAN AQUATIC PRODUCT FOOD CO.,LTD.is a large enterprise processing and exporting dried fishery products in Weihai, locating in beautiful Weihai of Shandong Peninsula,being a comprehensive enterprise of importing and exporting by itself , including items: aquatic product farming , fishing , processing . Now our company possesses 130 million yuan fixed assets ,1680  staffs. the annual output value of the whole company reachs to 300 million yaun,selling income reachs to 280 million yuan. profit and tax reach to 3500 ten thousand yuan,the gross quantity of fishery products is 4 ten thousand tons.Our company includes 28 enterprises,is a famous middling-scale enterprise in Weihai.
    The industry of aquatic farming includes ten farming plants,the main products:scallop, laminaria, oyster, trepang, abalone, sea urchins etc. the annual output value of laminaria reachs to 5000 ton,scallop reachs to 20000 ton,has a nurturing factory of integral facilities ,a fish-farming plant with net box,has nurtured all kinds of childish scallop,ostracean, fish,used to the farming plants of our company and other companies,the main sorts of fish-farming with net box : flounder, yellow-fish, black-fish, weever, large edge flounder, mainly selling to Japan.
    The industry of fishing has 4 750HP ships,12 350-420HP ships,the main worthy products:prawn ,scallop,Japanese spanish mackerel,large yellow croaker,moon fish etc.
    In the fishery products processing factory,there are two 100 ton cold storage of hypothermia,5 large-scale manufacturing lines of drying out,the main products: Dried scallop-post meat , Dried squid , Flavouring dried sand borers, Bluefin leatherhacket , Flavouring dried clam meat , Flavouring dried yellow croaker , Flavouring dried squilla oratoria meat, Flavouring dried squilla oratoria leg , Flavouring dried right - eyed flounders, Flavouring dried scallop meat, Fresh dried small silvery fish, Fresh dried small gril fish,Flavouring dried needle fish, Dried cynoglossus robustus, Dried red shrimp etc series seafood.sell well Japan,Korea Hongkong etc country and region,freezed fishery productsJapanese spanish mackerel,Silery pomfret, Yellow croaker, Squid, Prawn, Scallop-post meat, Laminaria filum etc, very loved by the firends from home and abroad .
    Our Group co. has the right to import and export by itself,annual output of dried and freshy scallop is 2000 ton,sheet of sea eel 600 ton, generating foreign exchange 6 million USD,ranked one of "Shandong hundred strong enterprises" in 1994, obtained the honor of "Shandong advance enterprises in water products system ",rated the advanced enterprise of the city and the town continuously for many years.
    Our company insists on the management guideline :" the first is the client,the first is the quality",has won the good honor and been in good status with the high quality products ,the scientific and state-of-art management on the same vocation. manager Wang Jianping and the whole staffs warmly welcome home and overseas friends to our company discuss and cooperate .Let us to create the wonderful world together.  



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